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Beverly Hills Vacation Rentals

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to the 90210, then there’s really no better place to go than LUXPADS. Beverly Hills vacation rentals are gaining more and more popularity as tourists are starting to realize that competing for limited space at place liked the Beverly Hills Hotel or other spots downtown just isn’t worth it anymore. Wouldn’t you rather pour all of that energy into a power packed day on Rodeo Drive? We certainly would.

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When it comes to vacation rentals Beverly Hills CA is more than just “one of the nice spots” to stay in: it is the true lap of luxury, a hallmark we always aim for here at LUXPADS. From the shopping to the beautiful landscapes, classic architecture, and mecca-status of wealth and fame that this city has achieved, it’s not wonder so many of our customers are knocking down our doors for opportunities to stay in the beautiful vacation rentals Beverly Hills has to offer.

Vacation Rental Beverly Hills Style

With more than 41 Million Visitors to the Los Angeles area annually, hotels like the Beverly Hilton, the Beverly Wilshire and the Beverly Hills Hotel fill up quickly, and rates can be driven up far beyond what they’re worth to stay in overcrowded space. If you really want to relax and get away from the chaos—then you should do it the same way the founders did—grab your own plot and take in the land.

Originally a giant lima bean farm, Beverly Hills was quickly realized for its real estate value—named for it’s similarly titled town in Massachusetts, Beverly, with the added nature of its hilly landscape. The founders began dividing up the plots and selling them off. Quickly, Beverly Hills developed into a blissfully Stepford-esq neighborhood replete with some of the most beautiful landscaping and architecture in the area.

The Hills are also quite fertile in their resources: Beverly Hills is home to three large oil companies, who quietly harvest millions of barrels of oil—even owing some residents royalties based own land rights.

That all to say, when you’re living in Beverly Hills, you’re not just enjoying the title of a prestigious neighborhood, you’re living in a city that was founded on beauty, wealth and an appreciation for land. As such, over the last 100 or so years, homes have retained a prestigious state that’s the rival of many surrounding parts of L.A.

So when you choose to stay at one of the luxury vacation rentals Beverly Hills has to offer through LUXPADS, you’re adopting that same mentality: you’re someone who appreciates the finer things, and who doesn’t just want to conform to what the rest of your friends or society may do for vacation. No, you’re a cut above the rest because you want to relax in one of the most sought after parts of the world. You want to mingle with royalty of Hollywood, and shop from the greatest retailers known to western civilization.

Whether it’s companies like MGM or Neiman Marcus, the air of luxury stretches across town from Wilshire Boulevard to Sunset. Enjoy morning runs through beautiful neighborhoods, coffee at elegant cafés, and dining at renowned restaurants like Spago or Wolfgang Zwiener’s Steakhouse.

With residents like Taylor Swift, Mark Whalberg, Kim Kardashian, and Jay Leno, there’s no doubt that Beverly Hills is a destination for the most successful people of our time. So why not enjoy yourself in the same way they do: ditch the hotel and choose from one of the many mansion rentals Beverly Hills has for you here on LUXPADS.

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