Malibu & Calabasas

Malibu Vacation Rentals

Whether you’re sick of the Los Angeles hustle and bustle and need a weekend away, or you’re looking to come down from NorCal—or are just looking to explore a new part of California for vacation—choosing one of LUXPADS’ many Malibu vacation rentals may be one of the best choices you make all year.

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From Dick Clark to Leonardo DiCaprio, Malibu has been home to Hollywood’s most elite performers, actors, and legends of all time, and it’s no wonder—Malibu is an oasis of luxury living. From amazing homes to fabulous beaches, fantastic shopping and “27 miles of scenic beauty” it’s hard for any visitor of Malibu to ever want to leave.

So when you do finally decide to visit, isn’t it the worst to feel like you stick out amongst the locals? Don’t you ever wonder what it would feel like to live like one of the celebrities of a week? How about instead of sticking out, you blend in for a change, and make you dream Malibu vacation feel like a move to paradise: With LUXPADS Malibu vacation rentals, we make that—and a whole lot more—a very big reality.

Here at LUXPADS we believe in doing things differently, so when you want a beachfront hotel, we say that in Malibu beach house rental life beats a hotel ten times out of ten.

Malibu Beach Rentals You’ll Love

Just on the other side of Ventura County, crashing up against the Pacific Ocean, Malibu gives you more than a typical stay in Southern California. A playground for L.A.’s most famous and successful, Malibu blends a lifestyle of wealth, comfort, and seclusion all into the perfect vacation destination. So why would you want to only get half of the fun by staying cooped up at night in a hotel? With our Malibu beach house rentals, you’ll feel like a part of the neighborhood, without any of the responsibilities.

Picture yourself in a master bedroom sweet overlooking vistas like you only see in the movies. Get up and go for jogs through the beautiful downtown Malibu area—and run long the Pacific Coast Highway before grabbing lunch at a café in the Malibu Country Mart.

Need to get back in touch with nature? Well, when you finally muster up the energy to leave your luxurious paradise home, you can go hike the Santa Monica Mountains, or enjoy one of the many beaches, including Paradise Cove, Surfrider Beach, Broach Peach, Westward Beach, Zuma Beach or even Trancas. Watch world-class surfers ride their hearts out while you soak up that California Sun—and then rather than heading back to a dreary hotel room, just head back to one of the beautiful vacation rentals Malibu has that will provide incredible views and an extra special amount of privacy for you and your family.

Speaking of privacy, thinking about a romantic getaway with you and yours? Have a local stay-cation away from L.A. that reminds each other how much you care, helps you relax, and makes you feel like you’re really living the dream. Enjoy walks through Malibu Creek State Park, and trips to local sights like the Getty Villa to enjoy beautiful art.

Our whole mission isn’t just to give you a memorable vacation experience, it’s to give you a vacation you’ll never forget. The luxury vacation rentals Malibu has available through LUXPADS are dream homes that most people can never even think to see in their lifetime—but we’ve made sure to make them available to you so that for a week, weekend or even just a special night away, you can be reminded of how great you really do have it.

From Malibu to Calabasas vacation rentals are the absolute best choice over staying in some hotel that makes you feel like a tourist. Allow yourself to truly get some rest and relaxation on your trip and choose to stay in a luxury Malibu beach rental. Book yours, right here on LUXPADS, today!